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China is the birthplace of ceramics in the world. The ceramics invented by our ancestors have a long history. In the modern industrial period, ceramics are still one of the materials that we can not leave.
Inheriting the Chinese ceramic culture and creating the world ceramic brand, we have devoted ourselves to the research of advanced ceramics for many years. With the support of our customers, we have achieved new values through independent innovation. Today, our research and development of advanced electronic ceramics has begun to take the lead in the world.
Today, we have created significant scientific and technological achievements for China, which embodies the burning passion, hard work and innovative wisdom of Shunda Electric Pottery Man. We have created our own value for our enterprises. Innovative success has passed, and we still need to persevere. In today's world, the external environment is complex and changeable, the market competition is increasingly fierce, and the development of enterprises is facing more and more severe challenges. We will not only participate in the competition, but also pursue cooperation, work together with partners, seek common development and achieve win-win situation.
We have always adhered to the business philosophy of honesty, excellence and customer first. Please believe that Shunda Ceramics is not only your preferred partner, but also your most reliable friend forever! Let's join hands and make use of new materials and technologies to contribute to human intelligent life under the blue sky!
Chairman: He Zhiyuan